Promised Freedom

Jeremiah 38-40 Chains racking loudly against your wrists, weighing you down, and keeping you locked up like a prisoner you never intended to be. Chains can be a physical reality but they can also be a spiritual hinderance to many of us, we just don’t realize it. We feel hindered, we feel bogged down, we…

I’m So Stressed.

Entangled by your planner and stuck in the to-do’s? Operating out of minute-to-minute plans. This life is no match for the true joy and freedom we can find when we set aside the overloaded schedules. The glorification we’ve given to planners and busyness is quite misplaced.

Celebrating in the Valley

Today’s perfect, sunny, breezy, ocean air fills my lungs. I breathe in the presence of creation and breathe out with a deep sigh. I watch over the waves trying, just trying to quiet my mind. My heart is troubled — it has been for a while now. I inhale (for oxygen of course) but also,…

Friendship pt. 2

Search, wait, pray, and be patient for friendships the Lord has perfectly crafted just for you. There are girls out there that will laugh with you, cry with you, encourage you, and challenge you. They will keep you away from those undeserving boys, push you towards a very deserving Jesus, and love you even when you’re absolutely down right ugly to them.

Friendship pt 1. Rejection & Loneliness

Everyone seems to be super into dating and marriage lately. I feel like those are the only relationships we focus on. Meanwhile Swiper, that sneaky fox, steals the importance of our sweet friendships. They are like the forgotten leftovers in the fridge from last Friday night. Why? I’m not sure. But trust me when I…

Beautiful Roots 

You are worth more. Worth more than the late night text. Worth more than the Instagram comment. More than the lost followers. More than the snapchat dm. More than the make out that went too far. More than the mean girl drama. You are worth more because Jesus called your name, wrote it on His…

“The Worst Mass Shooting the United States has Ever Seen”

This attack was aimed towards the LGBT community out of spite for their lifestyle. A young man opened fire at a gay nightclub in Orlando, FL. This young man, Omar Mateen, stole life from fifty individuals. Islam Sharia Law tells their people that if man is caught in the act of homosexuality to kill them….

MSU, Don’t Be Fooled

Where do I even begin? For those who weren’t able to be on campus yesterday, a rallied group of radical ‘ministers’ invaded our prized Drill Field with hatred and condemnation once again. A place of community, friendship, and joy instantly changed for some few unwanted guests. The points they were trying to get across were…

Chaos Strikes a Perfect Day at MSU

Two hundred plus students around me, people across the Drill Field, inside and outside, professors and students, Freshmen and Seniors, flee for cover. Imagine, watching hundreds of people fleeing in terror. All of the shootings around our nation in recent events begin swamping your mind and all you can think is, this is real.

I Miss That

Are you recently single, never been in love, or feeling lonely because you are lost in a crazy relationship? Maybe you have been in love before so you know what it feels like. And right now.. you miss it. Right now.. you are lonely..